Priority Schools: Correspondence between Commissioner & Superintendent

In the linked correspondence, JCPS Superintendent Donna Hargens describes steps the District has made to improve student learning in its “Priority Schools” (formerly known as “Persistently Low Achieving Schools”).  In his response, Kentucky Commissioner of Education Terry Holliday describes as “commendable” the steps JCPS has taken to improve teaching in the Priority Schools, and notes with approval steps to enhance leadership training and extend the learning day for struggling students throughout the District.

These letters provide a clear roadmap to the Superintendent’s strategy and plan for turning around JCPS’ most struggling schools, and I recommend them highly to anyone who wants a deeper understanding of the background to state test results that, when JCPS receives them later this month, will shine new light on how the turnaround effort is progressing.

Here’s the link to the report:  OEA REPORT NO. 378

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