On Public Education

My family’s roots in Louisville run deep: From the California neighborhood where my dad was raised, to Main Street where I was chairman of one of the biggest employers in the city; from the parks where I bike and hike, to the public schools across the city where my children and I were educated.

My love of education was nurtured by my mother, who is a former teacher. And I’ve been fortunate to take my love of education into the classroom as a teacher, too; first in China, and later as a lecturer in law schools and at UofL’s College of Business, and teaching Sunday School at my church. I’ve also been a guest speaker in JCPS schools and served as a volunteer mentor in the Every1Reads program.

The link between the strength of a community’s public schools and its long-term economic success is intrinsic, and Louisville will never have the latter until we commit fully to the former. I’ve spent decades as a civic and business leader working to meet the challenge of guaranteeing equal opportunity for educational excellence for every child. And now I’m ready to do even more.

I want to bring a new kind of leadership to our School Board, one that instills accountability for high student achievement and requires return-on-investment of our scarce resources. Our children deserve the brightest future we can give them. But until we make every school in every neighborhood a great choice, we haven’t met our obligation to them and we’re continuing to risk our economic security.

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