District 2 member of the Jefferson County (KY) Board of Education. District 2 includes The Highlands, Crescent Hill, St. Matthews and parts of Newburg, Germantown and Hikes Point.


David A. Jones, Jr. is founder and chairman of Chrysalis Ventures. He has worked as an advisor and director with a wide range of organizations, serving on more than thirty boards, from large and small companies to non-profits and civic groups, from his church to educational institutions. For more than a decade, David has worked with JCPS through civic and business groups (including Every1Reads, Greater Louisville Project, Business Leaders for Education and 55,000 Degrees) to improve student achievement in our community. David began his career in the classroom as a teacher and he continues to teach today at U of L. He is also a parent who had two children in JCPS (one was a valedictorian at Manual High School), and he attended the old Louisville Public School system. As a business person, David has worked with companies that have hired, and now employ, thousands of graduates of JCPS, so he knows how important it is for our city’s future for the school system to succeed.

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