Students in Priority schools better served by State takeover?

Both Insider Louisville Short of a hurricane … and the Courier-Journal ( recently published articles exploring whether State takeover of JCPS’ “Priority” (i.e. worst-performing) schools would improve results. The New York Times last week explored Tennessee’s takeover of Memphis schools: Crucible of Change in Memphis …  All these are worth reading.

All three articles imply that States bring authority or expertise to school turnaround efforts that local Districts lack. An important question in Jefferson County is what State takeover might add to our mix. Commissioner Holliday’s comments, as reported in the C-J piece, imply that the State would be more effective that the District in dealing with the teachers’ union — a timely issue, since the contract with JCTA is up for renegotiation soon.

I’d welcome input on whether students in the Priority schools would be better served by State takeover. Improving student achievement is the goal; who manages and who gets the credit is a secondary matter. What do you think?